Our company also markets textile products such as high quality products, produced with cotton, rayon, with lots of designs for uniform usage, nightgowns, scarves and also sarong goyor. Produced in Solo city, Central Java and processed by printing, steam, ironing, drying and finishing.

Our raw material are Rayon, Cotton, Tetron Rayon and Tetron Cotton. We export products to Africa, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. Domestically, we market our products to Batam, Riau, Sulawesi, and also Java.

Sarung Goyor


Premium Quality & Exclusive Packaging : Rp 375.000/piece or Rp 7.000.000/cody

High Quality : Rp 325.000/piece or Rp 6.000.000/cody

Standard Quality : Rp 275.000/piece or Rp 5.000.000/cody

Ladies Dress

Kain Motif