Agri Permata Asia is a company engaged in several sectors of industry, such as trading commodities (not future exchange), Food & Beverage, Textile, Property and Brokerage. The commodities products are such as Dates,  cacao bean, Coffee Bean,  Cashew, Corn,  Soybean,  Soybean meal, DDGS, CGM and other raw material for animal feed. In addition, for food & beverage, we provide high qulaity products such as, Yoghurt, Cane Bread, Kebab, Pudding, Sausage, Sambosa, Frozen Food and Catering Menu. We supply food & beverage products to modern market and also direct order/delivery.

In the property sector, we  rent exclusive Villa in Lembang ( West Java), with a land area of 1,400m2, it can be utilized for a large family members and also office events which focusing on privacy and comfort.  Other than that, we also rent office space in Menara 165 Simatupang, and also several housing/offices project which still in development project.

Our company is also marketing textile products such as high quality products, produced with cotton, rayon, with lots of designs for uniform usage, nightgowns, scarves and also sarong goyor. Produced in Solo city, Central Java and processed by printing, steam, ironing, drying and finishing.