Corn Protein Concentrate


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Physical Properties and Functionality


100% Corn Protein Concentrate

Description (AAFCO 48.89)

Corn Protein Concentrate is the dried proteinaceous fraction of the corn primarily originating from the endosperm after removal of the majority of the non-protein components by enzymatic solubilization of the protein stream obtained from the wet-milling process. The proteinaceous fraction of the corn must contain not less than 80% protein on a moisture free basis and not more than 1% starch on a moisture free basis. The product must be labeled on an 'as fed' basis. This fraction shall be free of fermented corn extractives, corn germ meal, and other non-protein components except in such amounts as might occur unavoidably in agood manufacturing processes.

Intended Use:

For use as an ingridient in the manufacture of animal feeds of all life stages


EMPYREAL is produced in Cargill facilities located in the United States and meets all applicable U.S. Federal and State regulations for animal food. EMPYREAL is produced in accordance with current good manufacturing practices for animal food with quality, food safety, and prerequisite programs.


Kosher, Halal, Food Safety Systems
Certification 22000, ISO22000

Shelf Life:

Eighteen months from manufacture date.
Evaluate for fitness of use after 18 months.

Optimum Storage Conditions:

Store in a clean, dry place.


Bulk rail, hopper trailer, ocean container.
Equipment shall be in good working order.
Bags and totes are available upon request.

Guaranteed Analysis: (*COA available with shipment)

Parameter Minimum Target Maximum Primary Method
Moisture (%)* -- 8.0 12.0 CRA G-16
Protein (%)* 75.0 -- -- AOAC 990.03 or CRA G-22
Fat (%)* 2.0 -- -- CRA G-11
Aflatoxin (ppb)* -- < 10 ppb < 20.0 Lateral Flow Assay/HPLC
Fumonisin (ppm)* -- < 5 ppm < 10.0 Lateral Flow Assay/HPLC
Vomitoxin (DON) -- < 2 ppm < 2.0 HPLC
Strarch (%)* -- -- 1.0 Ewers Starc - EC L123/72

*Sampling methods and Toxin Testing Methods used are GIPSA approved

Physical Characteristics:  
Uniformity Free flowing, no clumps present
Odor Cereal-like
Color Golden Yellow
Specific Gravity 0.6 to 0.65 typical