About Us

Reliable Solution to Satisfy Indonesia's Consumption Needs

Trustworthy Partner for Indonesia Farmers and Merchants

The right ingredients for the right food. This is the belief, a part of the essence and the drive for our commitment in our works. As our name reflects, PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA, we strive to always provide high value products in agriculture. Our company engages in trading in domestic market - Indonesia and acts as agent for several suppliers from other countries to market their products in Indonesia.

Our main business is the sales of raw ingredients for human and animal consumption. We continue to provide solution for the needs of raw ingredients for consumption in Indonesia and also help Indonesian farmers and merchants sell their products in the international market. Thus, we engage in partnership with trustworthy and reliable producers and end users by holding tight to the principles of transparency, reliability, and integrity.

Since its initiation in 2015 and getting its established run since January 2017, PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA has provided more significant value in developing food and animal feed industry in Indonesia by providing quality and reliable raw ingredient products from international suppliers such as the United States, Black sea, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and India. More than ten years of experience in trading and agribusiness sector, supported by long-established networks, has given the Founder a solid asset and a good start to run and develop his business.

Our Vision

PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA is determined to provide more benefit to the wider society and grow together with all involved parties. We realize it by fulfilling Indonesian market's needs with quality products through long-term relationship with reliable suppliers as our top priority. We also intend to help farmers and merchants in Indonesia sell their products in international market.

Our Mission

1. Comprehend the situation at local and international market and apply strategic measures to deal with any circumstances, both of short-term & long-term.
2. Run the business that promotes transparency, integrity, and reliable performance in its processes.
3. Maintain good relationships with customers, suppliers, and end users.
4. Assist Indonesian farmers and merchants in selling their products at the best price and quality.

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Our Values


As clear as a crystal, we always strive to run our business with a clear and open process for all parties involved. This transparency is one of our efforts in gaining our customers and partners's trust.


We only work with trustworthy and reliability partners. More than just a preference or expression, we hold to standards when it comes to finding partners. Before coming to a decision to work with them, we always want to be convinced that they have met our established standards. Such measures helps us maintain optimum performance and high quality products to the best level for the customers.


The value of one, moreover of an emergency, highly depends on their ability to hold still to the applicable norms, business ethics, and regulations. In carrying out our duties, we keep our integrity as agent an supplier in order to rule out any harm in all parties during our business operation and bring more value to all parties included.