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We deal with reliable Suppliers / Producer and Customer.

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We deliver goods with the best quality and transparent for long-term relationships..


Our Division

Food Raw Ingredients

Agri Permata Asia is engaged in sector of Physical Commodities (not future exchanges). The commodity products such as soybeans both GMO and NON GMO, Chocolate, Coffee, Cashew Nuts, Corn, Soybean Meal, DDGS, CGM, Meat (...)

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Animal Feed Raw Ingredients

Our company help provide feed raw ingredients that are appropriate and reliable for animal feed manufacturers in Indonesia, especiall for poultry (chicken) and aquaculture (fish and shrimp) and also pet animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc).

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Corn Protein Concentrate

As a Cord Protein Concentrate, EMPYREAL®75 is a quality raw ingredient of animal feed that carries pure protein source, is made without artificial preservatives, and has very high digestibility.

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Office and Villa Rental

Agri Permata Asia also have business unit of properties. For holiday needs, we provide the solution with villa rental service in Lembang, Bandung.

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Ergonomic Book Holder

This innovative product will free you from simple yet exhausting task like holding a book while reading it or typing on a computer.

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Bag / Bagging

We offer you various type of Plastic bags such as : PP Woven bags, BOPP bags, PP shopping bags, PE bags and jumbo bags

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About Us

The right ingredients for the right food. This is the belief, a part of the essence and the drive for our commitment in our works. As our name reflects, PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA, we strive to always provide high value products in agriculture. Our company engages in trading in domestic market - Indonesia and acts as agent for several suppliers from other countries to market their products in Indonesia.

Our Vision

Our Vision

PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA is determined to provide more benefit to the wider society and grow together with all involved parties. We realize it by fulfilling Indonesian market's needs with quality products through long-term relationship with reliable suppliers as our top priority. We also intend to help farmers and merchants in Indonesia sell their products in international market.

Our Mission

Our Mission

1. Comprehend the situation at local and international market and apply strategic measures to deal with any circumstances, both of short-term and long-term.
2. Run the business that promotes transparency, integrity, and reliable performance in its processes.
3. Maintain good relationships with customers, suppliers, and end users.
4. Assist Indonesian farmers and merchants in selling their products at the best price and quality.

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Always Be Prepared to Deal with Any Situations

In the world of business, our company is like a ship, while the sea is the industry. As how the sea level always shows us, trading and export-import industry never ceases in its dynamics. Challenges are in the left and right, from small ripples to big waves. If the ship is to sail far, preparations must be completed to face anything that might happen and overcome problems. We cannot change the wind direction, but we can adjust our sails to reach the destination. This preparation is the kind we want to have at PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA.

The following are among the international and national conferences and exhibitions we attend, some are annually:

Our Next Move

The ship has to keep sailing. To reach the destination, solid vision and strategy is imperative. PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA targets 1,000,000 Metric Tons of transaction for all commodities in 2023

To achieve the target, we will intensify our performance for the imported and exported commodities such as black pepper, clove, cofffee, vanilla, moringa, and cinnamon to boost transaction volume and help expand product market as much as we can. Aside from food raw ingredients, we also will strengthen marketing and performance of other imported products.