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Our Division


Agri Permata Asia is engaged in sector of Physical Commodities (not future exchanges). The commodity products such as soybeans both GMO and NON GMO, Chocolate, Coffee, Cashew Nuts, Corn, Soybean Meal, DDGS, CGM, Meat (...)

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Our company may act as a local trader or agent / broker from various international companies in each origin. Our customer is allowed to order using loco ex-warehouse, direct delivery to factories and also pick up directly from the port.

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Corn Protein Concentrate

Corn Protein Concentrate is the dried proteinaceous fraction of the corn primarily originating from the endosperm after removal of the majority of the non-protein components by enzymatic solibilization (...)

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Agri Permata Asia also have business unit of properties. In this area, we rent exclusive villa in Lembang, West Java. With a land (...)

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Ergonomic Book Holder

PT. Agri Permata Asia is one of the importer and distributor of Ergonomic Book Holder products. The products are very convenient (...)

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Bag / Bagging

We offer you various type of Plastic bags such as : PP Woven bags, BOPP bags, PP shopping bags, PE bags and jumbo bags

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About Us

Our company engages in trading in domestic market - Indonesia and acts as agent for several suppliers from other countries to market their products in Indonesia. Our main business is the sales of raw ingredients for human and animal consumption. We continue to provide solution for the needs of raw ingredients for consumption in Indonesia and also help Indonesian farmers and merchants sell their products in the international market.

Our Vision

Our Vision

PT AGRI PERMATA ASIA is determined to provide more benefit to the wider society and grow together with all involved parties. We realize it by fulfilling Indonesian market's needs with quality products through long-term relationship with reliable suppliers as our top priority. We also intend to help farmers and merchants in Indonesia sell their products in international market.

Our Mission

Our Mission

1. Comprehend the situation at local and international market and apply strategic measures to deal with any circumstances, both of short-term and long-term.
2. Run the business that promotes transparency, integrity, and reliable performance in its processes.
3. Maintain good relationships with customers, suppliers, and end users.
4. Assist Indonesian farmers and merchants in selling their products at the best price and quality.

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